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February 2007

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FrIeNdZ oNlY..BiTcHeZzZ ;-P

leave some love to be added... <3


tall girls!! yay!! i found your entry in almostperfect and i'm almost 6'1" too!! friends?
Most definately! excuse the blank journal..havent had time to write much :-S
hey thanks for sticking up for me on my realthin post awhile back. its sad that i had to get so defensive, but i felt backed against a wall! im not usually like that! i know that is a bad pic but i never said that it looked good. in real life it is easier to see someones bones than on a crappy pic from a cheap camera with a bad flash. that is why i dont like posting pics of myself.
No problem. I hate that that place is somewhere for support, yet they attack somebody like that..its disgusting. I read some parts of your journal and understand what u go through, cos I feel like that..if not..worser and being attacked like that doesnt help, and I couldnt let it just happen. Ur weight is amazing..keep it up, but be safe...<3
thanks, im actually concdering just maintaining my weight, but i still want to lose, especially after the other day! apparently i still look really fat!
Dont take notice to those idiots.alot of them were commenting because it was just the pattern of your post replies unfortunately...they're cowards...focus on what makes u happy. Those cowards dont matter..they're words should make u laugh..
I added you. :-)
Thanks! :-)

I dont really use this journal to be honest cos it used to be for my eating disorder before I deleted most of my journal. Now, I really just comment on others journals and communities. But I could add you cos it seems we have similar interests (eg. Fashion!)